Food, lust and all that jazz

You want to be satiated don’t you??  Those of you lurking want more – famished and gaunt for literotica…

so ask no more – here’s a recent work for you to savour, drool, morsel (or word) by morsel

I liken words to morsels because they embody a piece of the overall writing, a tasty little tidbit that is designed to tantalise and if you notice many words describing food, lush, abundant etc are highly sensual, what better way to twist the double entrendre around.

feedback and comments about food, desire and all things wondrously indulgent are always welcome.  What foods make you aroused, is eating a pleasure that you adhere to and do women who love food make better lovers.  I think a lust of life and eating correlates to love making!


fingertips and food
morsels are coated
        crumbed                 oozing………
        delicious tendrils
escaping from soft fingertips
with the love of a life well lived
they -( hedonists by another name) say that women
who lick off the relish, lascivious tongue
        savouring, devouring
make better lovers
instead of the blank white
plates collecting dust
        and touched only by pristine forks
without a tongue worshipping them


Just a short poem/musing


You should be close to me

instead of haphazard longings

futile wantings


i’m sick of touching the places you once

inhabited, wistful

trying to feel just one remnant

of you left behind


I should stop trying to find you

in the face of someone else….


It’s Saturday night, balmy and lush and i felt compelled to share this little musing with you.  Funny how those that get inside your head and touch your heart never really let go, months or years later.  It’s hard missing someone who will never know, to try to reach them just with thoughts.  Maybe it was the love you never had (but feel should have) or just the beautiful stranger you saw every day yet never spoke with that lingers in your mind late, late at night.

More intriguing are the triggers you have within – the smell of a perfume, shared songs, the book you read together strewn on a garden bed, all intricate in their intimacies.  

How do you move on from someone that moved you, do you keep songs, clothes or even more private momentos??  Do we have to even more on?



Welcome to the den of Gigi

They say to be a writer you need an online presence and i’ve bowed to pressure to create this little room of my own, so welcome sit down and help yourself to an iced tea and some dessert.  My room aims to be about creativity and debate and the art of teasing…… i do it well.

It’s unnerving to put oneself out there, to critisicm and critique and to show the vulnerable side of your underbelly to the world but without doing so you don’t feel the exhileration and the raw power of being true to yourself.  Thus i’m laying myself at your feet and sharing the inner world.  So with that – my first blog is about what your hidden passions and desires are?  What do you wish you could share with the world that you keep inside and what holds you back.

Relax, enjoy and inspire…….