Thinking of Aphrodite

We all like to think of ourselves as super human from time to time – or at least i ponder on it.  Was musing over the greek goddess this morning about a statue in her name being worshipped by someone transfixed by her stone features , and her cold in some ways but admiring the worship…..


Aphrodite Rites


The body is a canvas

is a temple

is a book

let not your fingers

traverse papyrus

allow the lush grass uncut beneath your feet

be your seat and the sky your church

allow them to pay homage to me

endearing prayer

raise thine lips to the altar

of creation incarnate

i may be alabaster, i may be cold to the touch

 but deep within

warm at the joy of being adored by innocent hands

let your tithe be desire personified in my name

and worship me in the ancient ways



let Dionysus’ smile have nothing on you


Very interesting debate about erotica and Paypal defining payment and usage. Contentious indeed

Wide Awake But Dreaming

First off, just to let you know, I’m going to get rude.  I’m going to use bad language.  You know what that means:  if you don’t want to see the nastiness that’s coming, then you don’t want to go beyond this paragraph.  But, hey . . . before you leave, here’s something on Lauren Faust’s Super Best Friends Forever!  It’s really cute–trust me!



That said, onward . . .

I gotta tell you, the thing with PayPal getting all medieval on some of the ebook publishers, in particular Smashwords.  I don’t know if I should say “medieval”, because this is the 21st Century, and you’d think by now people would actually be intelligent enough not to keep bringing up things like birth control, women’s sexuality, and erotica as things in need of control by others . . . oh, what?  Sorry, I must have set the controls to the…

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The C word and all it’s glory

There is an abundance of naughty words in the english language ranging from comical to lewd to degrading and yet i’m drawn to talking about the C word, yep – cunt.  It’s an old word  that has been in use since  the twelfth century in various forms, prevalent in both Geoffrey Chaucer and Shakespeare and of course D.H Lawrence’s sublime Lady Chatterley’s lover;  to its modern form as a way to put someone down.  When one looks at old art and sculptures, it’s often rather explicit in its depiction of the female genitalia.  None of this coy curves embracing the canvas or pale skinned lovelies in marble.  Much of it is shocking, bold and thus kept hidden away in museums away from public view.

 The word itself is essentially female specific but particularly in Australian linguistics is referred to as a crass endearment amongst bogans – bless their blue singlets and beer.  It’s the way in which the word is used that determines it’s impact and offensiveness.

Ask most people which is the most heinous of words to use and it’s ‘cunt’ in any form.  Why??? 

I got to thinking that cunt is an empowering word, it’s powerful and luscious and evocative.  I’m advocating it’s a word that can be reclaimed and badged in a new, sensual way.  Many years ago i had a pagan Lecturer, i was 19 and innocent in many ways of the world and she represented a wild, earthy abandon.  She told the group to be proud of their sexuality, to embrace the word ‘cunt’ and to piss of the bullshit facades that the beauty industry, capitalism and just modern living puts on you as a woman.  It resonated with me for a long time that i should aim to own my confidence to release the wild woman within one day.  Of course being able to say it out loud without blushing or feeling chastised was the first part.

Cunny, cunt – cuntalicious – it’s all a positive way of saying a woman’s nether regions are spectacular, in your face and unable to be ignored.  It’s the visual embodiment of the pomegranate, the fig peeled open, the Sheila na Gig opening her labia, big hipped and resplendent in her womanness.

So, here’s a musing – an open verse styled poem about the C – word.

I reclaim the words used as weapons.

CUNT, FUCK, glorious deviant that I am.  For who dictated they be lewd.  Is not a cunt a beautiful term – feel how it rolls off the mouth harshly.  It’s in your face like a heady, dominant woman with no boundaries – vibrant, verdant and aware of her own power.

Not afraid, not shy and bold in its visage.

Embrace it

Worship me this word says – and inevitably you will.

Laughter and seduction???

It’s festival time in my fair little city, we are known as the festival state after all and i’ve started celebrating early… it’s summer; full of possibilities and fun, or at least that’s what i keep trying to tell myself.  Last night i went to a comedy night and was throughly enthralled and entertained by local comedians and three Canadian comics for the better part of two hours and it was fantastic….

There was funny observations, many jokes about the names Gingers get called (fanta pants??) and of course much ado about sex, seduction and the failed attempts accompanying such pursuits.  I was convulsing with pleasure from laughing, smiling and the fun of being free to laugh at the crass things you think about but dare not voice, we all know the thoughts than chide ourselves for pondering about it.

Got me thinking, does laughter make you more open to touch and joy??  Does it make you feel a teeny bit more amorous and light-hearted, hell do half of the guys on stage have any problems getting laid more or less than the general public who are not so gifted with charm or wit?  It’s commonly touted that for women especially the ability for her partner to make her laugh is more sexy than his bank account balance or even intelligence.  Why is that?  Do we want the playfulness as a context for love-making, if he is fun outside of the bedroom just wait til he cranks up my Hitachi – vrrrooooom.  You get the general idea or train of thought that people who can laugh at themelves and make your belly convulse and shake may me more likely to view your body as a playground waiting to be explored and conquested.

Plus, is there anything better than a lover that allows you to laugh during some of the awkward sexual moments, because we’ve all had them happen and you the reader are thinking of some embarrassing thoughts right now aren’t you???  The flavoured lube that tasted awful, the toys that slip out, falling off the bed whilst trying to do an amateur strip show that somehow doesn’t go quite how you pictured it.  Never mind the noises that your own body can make and you trying to convince your partner that you really didn’t fart it’s just how vajayjays sound sometimes!! 

So, dear readers, what does comedy imbue in your life and have you found laughter a prelude to even more fun in the dating world or the bedroom?  Is the ability to laugh or being funny essential or sexy to you and why?



What i want you to know…. (a story)

I want you to know that i’ll be looking at you when we meet with my teeth gently biting my bottom lip thinking about all the things i intend to do to you …
That every time we lock eyes i’ll be trying to work you out, to get inside your thoughts, desires and wants and hoping you’re doing the same in return.  I’ll breathe in your scent, long to kiss your neck slowly my tongue travelling the distance from your earlobe to your chin.  When i take a sip of my drink i want you focussing on my mouth opening and wishing it was ur tongue entering instead of sweet liquid – to be envious of the glass reaching my lips instead of urs on top of mine.
You’ll be smiling gently, listening to idle chatter and conversations in the background- careful to be sociable and friendly but in the back of your head you will be insistent on my actions, waiting to see how i tease.  And i tease well….
From the way my eyes keep seeking yours out, twinkling and mischievous – to the knowledge that every time i move to buy a drink at the bar or to retrieve my handbag  i’m hoping you look at the soft curves of my ass and legs and wishing you were pressed up behind me.  You won’t know that i’m wet but hoping that i am at the building anticipation of words, emotions and shared longings.  I’ll be painfully aware that my knickers are soaked and just waiting til i can touch you fleetingly.  My eyes will keep lingering on your mouth thinking of them on my skin – wondering what you will taste like and how that sweet tongue will feel against my clit cos it’s where you want it…….
It’s like a dance – the conversation twisting and turning – gaining momentum – daring at turns then bold and cheeky – filtering information and building this connection to a point where I can’t stand the distance.  We will muse over funny stories, coincidences and dreams…. i’ll hope you find an excuse to follow me – to have a brief moment in a hallway together so we can kiss passionately, your fingers cupping my face – eyes locked in mine and all other thoughts gone as your tongue slowly touches mine.  I want my hands on  your chest working their way up around your neck as i move into you, my thigh against yours and our bodies pinned against each other.  I want the desire i have to be close to you mirrored in your face and actions.  To know that you crave me intimately as much as i want you – the ultimate turn on.
I want to sit opposite you and keep showing you my legs – if nobody is watching i want my fingers to linger on your knees….. feeling your thighs and raking my long nails down your skin in temptation.  Every soft touch designed to make you burn, to crave those images i put into your head.  I want to know that you’re fucking hard for me.  I think about your fingers sneakily working their way up my thighs, in soft circles and your warmth making me tingle.  I secretly hope you do finger me under the table… stroke my tenderest of skin over and over whilst we try to maintain a normal conversation.  The thrill lies in the hidden moment being forbidden and a shared moment.  I want you to then suck on your finger to first taste me and smile at me the entire time.   
I long to make it so tempting to be around my warmth and soft sensuality that you can’t keep from whispering that you want to lick me out, to bend me over – to suck, kiss caress every inch of my skin.  If you tell me you want to make me cum you’ll make me sigh, get my pussy wet and throbbing for your touch.  You want that don’t you??? 
I said i wanted you to suck on my fingers after i had touched my clit with them – i want it as your eyes burn into mine, as your hard cock presses into me.  That moment held captivating both of us, just before my tongue laps at  yours to taste myself against your lips.  Just a prelude to your face being enveloped between my legs later…..

Cheese and other strange bed fellows

I will admit to being an exhibitionist cum writer cum wannabe burlesque tease, we’re not talking Dita Von Teese or Betty Page but rather a dorkalicious combination of blushing, nudity and the ability to debate and stop a man (or the odd woman) in their tracks with just a smile…. it takes time to master.

During my forays into the seedy and strange world of being on cam i thought i’d share some of the strange things i’ve been asked to do or share.  I don’t understand some of them or the psychology behind it, but they make me laugh.  The persona of being an anonymous minx online is intriguing you get to shed clothes and layers and become some strange variant of naughty librarian/show off/freak in the bedroom all at the touch of a button or keystroke.  That imbues power, and a rush that can be very stimulating.

Not long ago i got asked to masturbate with cheese; don’t get me wrong i love food and the delicious yet fattening food produced everywhere in the world, the creamy brie, the texture and tang of haloumi, paneer smothered in butter sauce.  Mmmmm – yes it’s a turn on digesting it.  But to self pleasure to or with it?  It begs the question how?   Do i lay on a table smothered with Kraft singles and enticingly cock one leg and go ‘come here big boy…..’ do i add vegemite and bread for an Aussie flavour?  Or is a strong hard piece of Reggiano or that ilk have to be placed strategically and rubbed against like a pizza chef making a topping.  Picture it if you can, does it turn you on?

I googled it of course – cheese and masturbation and behold……. there is such a thing as cheese fetishists out there.  For now i’ll keep it strictly platonic, i’ll drool over it, devour and enjoy it without it being a self pleasuring too.l.

Other gems included one guy that was turned on by talking about Casey Stoner the famous Aussie motor bike rider, not in an erotic way just in conversation.  I had wondered if he was a man crush or a bromance but no, the person was straight and just idolised the man and linked it to arousal… odd yet intriguing.

Then we have feet lovers, oh how they ask to see the feet, you licking them, stroking them or parading them around in open toed shoes.  It’s kinda a little kink unto itself, the arch of a female’s foot, the tongue over the skin.  I just usually look and think ‘are my toes pretty enough??’ and then feel rather stupid for wondering what a pretty looking toe actually is.  Breasts sure – firm and supple and creamy, the elongated neck that wants to be kissed, legs that are taut toned and look great bare or in stockings all make sense.  But a toe???  what does that toe aside from well, walk?

All leading to a sub genre called ‘directors’ now these are my least favourite class of morons erm people.  They assume you are a porn star the next Cytheria and will not only want to show them close ups of your speculum but do a freaking Cirque du Soleil act at the same time without so much of a ‘thank you’.  It’s not enough to appreciate someone being natural, it’s got to be controlled and staged and done an inch within Stephen Spielberg’s directing style and even then there is the greed for more.  I contribute it to the porn factor, the way so many women are shown to really apparently want two men degradng them, pussy gaping, mouth lolling like Kim Kardashian looking at her bank account and always, always begging for more extreme things.  There is a prevalence of  this becoming accepted or normal behaviour when honestly chicks don’t usually dig five dicks or being spat on, gagged or used.  Porn for women involves firemen in their gear and a hot man doing housework, or even sometimes two hot gay men getting it on.

It’s not real yet amateur every day guys try to apply this to real women and then wonder why they get blocked or shown the finger.  Even the sexiest and uninhibited of women have limits, and manners will always get far better results.

Now, to find me someone with a fetish for chocolate, there may be a niche for that…..and one i would gladly relish exploring.

Lingerie and it’s power

I love lingerie – the tassles, the french silk – the burlesque corsets and emo styled skirts and lets not get me started on the boot fetish – drools at the mouth.

There is nothing quite like the knowledge that what you are wearing is beautiful and tantalising, i enjoy the sly smile coined on my face as i walk down the street, hips sashaying just a little.  Knowing that the cute man that walked past had no inkling of what was underneath.  Even if the only voyeur is the mirror, still knowing you look sexy and should a gust of wind happen to catch you out, you’d probably make someone happy.

A lot of men like the ‘tease’ of lingerie, the cleavage but hidden nipples, the sheer negligee that leaves them wanting to tear it off… rather than legs spread in all it’s glory.  Others confess to loving cute cotton shirts and plain panties that make you look like a girl  next door that’s stayed the night….. no make up, no stockings or ‘fuck me boots’ just the woman in her natural state.  For some women that’s unnerving, for others it’s kinda nice to not have to put in that much effort, cos when you do the hair, make up lingerie/stockings routine to have it ravished off you in two minutes a girl has to wonder if it was worth the effort!!!

Thinking back to the classic era of Betty Page and pin up girls of olde, there is a resurgence into more classy lingerie that doesn’t have those infuriating bunny ears over them.  This harks backs to a time when women had small waists and ‘bosoms’ and most importantly were experts in the art of classy teasng. 

What do you have a fetish for with a lover, what makes you aroused and beyond thought?  And is it the lingerie that maketh the woman or the woman that maketh the lingerie??