more zany hats in my collection

some women collect shoes, some collect cats, Gigi collects photos of chocolate stores and hats.  Here is one of my latest additions, bright pink and i think it’s very cute.  Let’s see how it goes in New Zealand, an experiment of sorts.  Results next week.

And, the tassles are long enough to cover my nipples, awesome!  (note.. i dont walk around outside naked in the hat, bit too cold for that)



Wanderlust… again


Just a short note really to say i’m busy planning travel – three weeks of it actually and apologising for the lack of regularity in teasing my readers with pictures and stories.  If you could only be in my head for half an hour i assure you it would be a raunchy time..

I found myself through travel about four years ago, i had finally ended a highly emotionally abusive relationship after seven years (yay me) and needed to find myself.  Cue the first plane trip solo in seven years, i was scared but excited and turned out i had the hottest date of my life with a sexy Brazilian man who in a funny way healed my fears of not being sexy or desirable.  I may not have fallen in love with him but i did fall in love with travelling.

Since that weekend i’ve found that one of my lusts in life is for travel and the enjoyment of seeing new cities and cultural vibrations.  There is also something definiably sexy about conquering a new place like a new lover, learning the intricacies and nooks that are for your enjoyment alone.

Interestingly, i take far more risks with public sex when in another city, you get out of your comfort zone and i guess different elements or personas come to the fore.  I have stood against the window of a busy Sydney Hotel completely nude just watching people in the building adjacent – just smiling and feeling a bit of a tease.  The guy on his phone the entire time didn’t wave or smile – so i concluded he was gay or … no he was gay.  It’s a wondrous thing to shed inhibitions when you’re a normally shy person is all i can say.

So, i’m off to Auckland (New Zealand) tomorrow afternoon, for four days.  It will be cold and i will probably live in the spa bath at the luxury place i am staying at (i make one concession, when i travel it has to be nice.  It’s my lust dammit and i love spa baths and good beds!) but it will be great.  Then, i get back for all of 5 days and i head to Queensland for two weeks, one of those on a South Pacific Island cruise, my first time on a ship.  It’s my first time overseas in eleven years and i have worked my butt off to achieve these two goals, so i’m proud and exultant all at once.  Thus far my erotic plans include reading and sipping on pina colada’s but hey a writer needs to relax and rejuvenate and look for good eye candy.  And thank god my clit vibe is very very small and easy to hide.

Will i have any raunchy stories to tell you or conjure up i do not know, but i will try… even if it is a self timer shot of my boobs in a spa taken before anyone catches me and i awkwardly sit there afterwards coyly smiling like the Mona Lisa.  Besides, i want to visit chocolate shops all over the world, what better lust than that is there???