Ode to Porn

Ode to Porn
i’m cuming with you…
not literally 
not skin
distance between us
i’m cuming with you
your form on the screen
oh yes
i mew silently
teeth bared
though i’m not an animal
i might be at this moment
i’m cuming with you
giving over to the reprieve
of lust, of madness
to the flickering pixels that make you
an object of desire
the resultant lust
bears witness on my thighs
i’m cuming with you
and the universe is the only thing
that hears my cries
resounding with yours
Who says women dont like porn, i was inspired by one of my viewing adventures to write this…. i was watching a beautiful man in the throes of passion with two other men, what got me off was the fact he was clearly enjoying the moment, the beauty and the passion.  I loved the fact i didn’t have to question the authenticity of that orgasm, you can’t fake full body convulsions like that…. mmm.

Poems that i love

Like Lamplight

One day when you are beside me

invite me to speak

of the secrets i never knew

I wanted to tell you, of the warmth

I never knew I owned

until you released it

by moving close as lamplight seems

to glass.  Ask me


why i came to you

with the reverence of one

who sees a flower bloom

where none has bloomed before

By saying what it is

I will have said what was


Sometimes when you are content

ask me what it is

that  moves me to want to hold you so,

so often, and laugh when i tell

you the same old

indestructible thing.

One day when you are

 where you need no invitation to be

I will tell you

how you flower like lamplight to me

Brian Turner


I just love this, it’s warm and sweet and beautiful. and for me the best erotic moment are borne of intimacy and longing.   Most of my favourite poetry is romantic at the core, it’s a driving force in expression and creativity.   The progression to erotica is a very slight one on a personal note, it’s the pent up longing for someone want to reach out to and immortalise in sonnet or lilting sentences… to make the thought action and timeless.

 My favourite poet of all time is Dorothy Porter, she is well known in Australian literary cannon and sadly passed away a few years ago.  She was all that i strive to be creatively, passionate, sensual and seamlessly beautiful with expression.  Here’s something i adore from her anthology of ‘Love Poems’

What She Is

Driving home

the dawn full moon


pulling me up

the Mountains


my heart slops about

in my chest


the moon knocks

on the windscreen


just love her

the moon says

stop checking your change

nobody’s ripped you off


just love her

love her


for what she is



The girl by the sea

Finally after 23 days (how ironic given it’s my favourite number) i’m back online with internet connected to my new place.    For a woman that doesn’t like change, this is move number four in eighteen months.  Lesson learned, if you move to a brand new place by the ocean expect delays to get copper wiring done and your release into the seedy world of online talking, camming and blogging to be hampered.

I replaced sordidness with skyrim to the point i started seeing long haired men in real life and thinking how apt they would look as Nords in my game, i knew then i had to get back online instead of gaming.  Though, both are forms of fantasy, so i’m probably just a fantasy addict with my head in constant surrealism. 

It’s particularly hard when you come to get your sexual kicks for being an exhibitionist and you have no outlet!!  There i was just flashing myself in the mirror and then contemplating flashing some skin to the rather cute, young phone company guy who did my copper wiring.  I didn’t do any such thing, but when you’re denied the chance to show off you see opportunities in the most mundane and non appropriate situations.

I had time to contemplate what kind of novel/novella i want to pursue amidst all the hype of ‘mummy porn’ erotica that some coloured shades of ill edited rambling has stirred up.  Have i made a final decision no, but i know i write best when i feel less pressured to produce something that should be stunning or emotive or brilliantly structured.  That said, i think i’m leaning towards a very free flowing journal or diary style book of my own experiences, stories and some poetry thrown in.  My reasoning is that i’m not going to write this for critical acclaim, nor money or the plaudits of many.  I want something i find meaningful, quirky and a bit sexy that i may or may not even share once i complete it.

I’ve even booked in for some (potentially) racy photos, which should be exciting but i’m actually terrified and anxious of what to wear, and what would look good on the cover of the afore mentioned novel.  I’m thinking something about my mouth and nails… as they are commented on features.  Whilst trying to type this up i’m biting my lip thinking of classic erotic book covers and drawing a blank.  Tobsha Quiver’s ‘Tremble’ and ‘Quiver’ i both love but not much else in a design sense has left a mark.

So dear and few readers, what kind of photography do you like on erotic novels and why???  Is it the unseen and hinted at that is more your style or do you like a bit of flesh to titillate?  If there are any particular covers of books you find enthralling send me a link or comment so i can have a look.  Sharing is caring 😉

Again, sorry for the delay and i’m very, very glad to be back by the sea and ready for the view to inspire some new writing.  I’m also ten minutes from a nude beach, so if that doesnt get me smiling i dont know what will.