The truth of it all


Apologies for the distance between posts, i was hospitalised last week due to a bad reaction after giving blood and although i had much to say on here, i really wasn’t heealthy enough to string coherent thoughts into paragraphs.  Needless to say, i have so much to share now my fingers cannot keep up, even at 80 wpm touch typing with talons.

Firstly, how do you define truth, is it the blunt honestly of what you think and feel no matter how much it may hurt or offend the person hearing it??  I find it ironic that on cam so many guys comment on women’s sexual honesty per se, do we really value penis size, how many lovers have we had etc etc.  Now, the crux of it is this little gem that i’m sure most of us have encoutntered once or twice ‘Am i the best fuck/lover you’ve ever had?’

Why are ranking systems so important in matters of the sexual domain??  I mean aside from Casanova and Cleopatra who else is renowned as being the best lover historically.. especially if you’re a woman it’s considered not a socially acceptable thing to be a great fuck.  And besides the ego boost, what other rewards are there, no Pullitzer prize for pounding that i know of.

Back to the question of ‘best lover’, for my male friends and followers, how does a woman answer her lover that question.  Is the fact that it has been asked an insight into the questioner’s self worth or need for validation.  And more importantly, what’s the correct answer.  I’ve been asked more than once and i stay silent, then i feel intently guilting for not lying or being brutally honest.  I guess i feel that saying ‘i’m sorry, no…..but it’s still good!!’ is just going to create an argument or a sense that things are not good.  There seems to be no reason for asking it as what person wants honesty, ball breaking truth in this instance.  Hence, i dont ask the question, full stop ever.

How many times have i said it, just twice.  Did i mean it, absolutely.  I think one of the times i said it was after one of the best days of my life, not just because the sex was intimate and beautiful and all about feeling the universe etc but because the conversation and the prelude, the mental foreplay was so good.  Best sex should involve all of your faculties, not just the obvious physical ones.

By all means, if it’s bad sex you should definitely say something, as too often if someone is offended or hurt or felt disrespected we think we can’t say ‘hey.. that was bloody awful’ and hopefully the person being told learns from it and gets better or stops the behaviour.  This applies to anyone that thinks licking someone’s toes without prior warning is fine, that ass to mouth without cleaning or condoms poses no health risks or for men that think all women fuck like porn stars.  We dont… and we never like your pleasure on our face, ever.  If you think it’s hot, ejaculate into a tissue or your hand and use it like a moisturiser and let me know the results, hahaha.  Hawt.

Be kind, be honest and be real.  .