Interview time

workYes, i have a job interview today. Urgh, wish me luck and confidence peeps.
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Mmmm Einstein

Mmmm Einstein

I have a fetish for quirky Einstein pictures and quotes, his mind and attitude was sexy.

Some of the most attractive people have enticed me not with their physique but how their minds challenged me or turned me on to a new mindset, new opinion or way of viewing the world.

Besides, talking after before and during sex is tres hot, i want you in my head just as much as i want you inside my flesh.

Smart is the new sexy… or as i like to say ‘smexy’

Talking like you’re falling downstairs…

Reaching out to anyone, to let down your guard is risky.. to be vulnerable. I say take the risk, be your own truth, speak from the heart always. You regret the words you never said or the people you didn’t reach out to…

I just love this song, and even if i do fall down quite often it’s nice to have the courage and boldness to try. Eloquence is overrated, sometimes the mind numbingly bad fumble of words, heart on the sleeve are the moments you look back on and smile at a little embarrassed.

It’s not the outcome that makes it worth it, it’s the liberation in being free to say it in the first place.

To smoke or not smoke, that is the question


In about 4 and a half weeks i’m off to Bali, it’s going to be a week of quiet reading, relaxation, food and Spa treatments.  My love of perusing travel destinations has lead me to many hours of research on various health and body treatments i can partake in whilst there, one of them i kid you not is ‘vaginal smoking’…..

No, i’m not kidding.  It doesn’t involve lighting a sandalwood incense stick in your vayjayjay and letting it waft out of you.  Traditionally, you sit in a room alone and naked and in a chair with smoking purifying oil and incense below you, it literally smokes out your lady parts and refreshes and rejuvenates you.  Did i mention it’s also for virgins.

Damn, that counts me out.  I was hoping to get high on some amber and rose fumes.

But it got me thinking, we generally don’t dedicate much time to sexual rejuvenation or indulgences unless you count porn as one which i don’t, it’s like a snack food that satiates oh so briefly and leaves you feeling a bit guilty or seedy afterwards that you consumed it.   Why do we dedicate so much time and effort to our health and attending gym classes and diet structures but not to the practices that would also benefit our sexuality??

The irony of going to an island that many young Aussies travel to sleep around and show little to no sexual ethics doesn’t escape me either.  But that is another debate altogether which presses on poverty cycles and western perceptions of ‘buying’ sex.


So, i am going to get full body massages, slathered in oil and luxe fruits that will leave me tingling and glowing. I am going to meditate and visit some temples and i will make fine use of the outdoor, nature bathrooms and enjoy the feeling of the water on my skin whilst looking at the sky above. There is nothing quite like feeling as an earth goddess as being naked outside in the elements. One of the places i’m staying has it’s own waterfall which i plan on making use of in some creative ways….

Keep an eye out for some sneaky pictures in the coming weeks. Was the point of this to tease, absolutely. Enjoy the thoughts!