Things i love today…

I live by the ocean, it’s often too cold to swim but i adore walking out bleary eyed and tangled hair at six am to the sound of the water crashing.  There’s something cathartic about that sound isn’t there?

I love the fact that today i’m walking around nude by the expansive glass windows smirking at the suckers doing exercises at this ludicrous hour whilst i’m watching them glad it’s not me.  Not once has any of the dedicated health junkies noticed me, i’m enjoying the feeling of being a secret watcher.

I’m loving the fact I got into my mental health course and in two short weeks i’ll be a student again, and nervous about what direction my life and career will be taking now i’m making this long held change.

I love the fact this small peaceful time in the morning is mine alone, i may have milk dripping down my chin, and i’m running fashionably late for work, but i’m happy the view is great and i’m the picture of a voluptuous, half smirking nude watching the world.