Good night lover

Tonight I want to be held in warm arms, to feel them encase me wrap me up and tenderly caress me.  Tonight i want to feel your warm lips stealing kisses along my neck, breathing in my scent, my musk and for you to whisper sweet sentences in my ear til i spoon against your hard frame beckoning you into my curves.   Tonight I want you lost in the sea of my hair, the length of my thighs and the flush over my body…
I want your mouth tracing lines over my cheeks, hands cradling my face as you explore my lips, your tongue delving deep against my own, no rushing just a slow exploration of my taste.   You linger on my lips like you’re savouring a good wine, you lick from one corner to the other whilst your fingers cup my full, heavy breasts – twisting my taut nipples softly.  I moan into your mouth and i’m lost.
Tonight i long to be pinned underneath you, your hands linked with both of mine – your legs between me edging my thighs apart – you thrusting against my clit, both our bodies yearning for more contact to be closer to be connected.  Tonight i want you to tie me up to my bed and explore every crevice, curve and inch to your satisfaction, i am at your mercy.  Your tongue lapping from nipple to hip bone, the junction of my thighs, my sweet spots all open to your lips and tongue and fingers.  Leave nothing untouched, open me like a well read book and read my body like a intricate journey of words.
I long for your mouth to lap at me like i’m sweeter than wine – drinking in my juices, tasting my wetness all over your chin…. making me gush on you over and over and coaxing me higher perched above your face.  I long for your tongue to lick my rosebud slowly – fingers in my pussy whilst you take your time to tease and taste and relish the feel.  To have you enter slowly will make me tremble, and still i open for you.  Open and yet empty without you inside, such bittersweet distance between us.  Just millimetres makes it a universe apart to me…..
I want you to dominate me, make me yours, plunder, take – fill me – your hard cock impaling, thrusting and completing me.  I want to lose count of how many times your cock enters, i want you to raise my hips up to take you in deeper and i want it passionate and urgent and sweet.  Need your tongue raking over my nipples as you take me, your mouth on top of mine tongues meeting as we make love…….
Tonight i wish i could have you dictate the pace, have you grab my hips and move me on top of you hard and deep, urging me on – that wild ride, the primal thrusting of us meeting inside me.  I wish you were embedded within, pulsing and throbbing in time to my heated breath til the universe implodes.
Til next time, Good night lover

It’s Thursday bitches

I have just finished my last assignments for my mental health course this semester.  Way to go smexy moi!

It is intensely hard work to work full time, maintain relationships and a social life and study.  Is it worth it yes, am I uber tired, yes.  Now where are those body slaves where I need them?

Studying mental health makes me wonder in an erotic sense, why there is not more study or literature let alone therapy to help consumers access assistance with it.  It’s well known that common side effects of medication include sexual dysfunction, inability to orgasm and lowered sex drive.  Yet, it’s barely spoken about or deemed as important in a holistic health level.  There’s enough stigma with stating you need assistance or have a mental illness, that I think for many people they suffer quietly.

This is wrong….  Intimacy and love and physical affection is a human need.  It helps both emotional states and physical immunity, plus it’s a pretty damn nice way to pass the time if I do say so myself.

It’s not all gloom and doom, there is increasing awareness and programs that cater for being gay, bi or queer and support groups to help with self identity, I just feel that all people suffer sexual crises, and it would be fascinating to hear the shared stories and be able to help alleviate some of the mystery and issues.

Has anxiety, depression or other fears stopped you enjoying sex or intimacy and if so…what do you think would help??