I was trying to look smexy cute…

on my lunch break, a little swagger in my walk, hips rising with my gait.  The awesome sun was making me feel alive, vibrant even a little frisky.  Stopping at the light the man next to me was attractive and I smiled and looked down to see a bee fly right into my top

settling into my abundant cleavage.

What was a cute little moment in time became embarrassing, arms flailing, my hands literally scooping the bee out of my bra and just about shoving my breasts into some strangers face.

It’s hard to be sexy when little things thwart you isn’t it……..


If i’m being honest…. (short musings)

I think most men have little to no idea how to eat pussy, either too rough and ‘pokey’ or so limp you may as well push their head closer to feel it.  The rare gem that can though, you always remember.

the only thing I like better than good sex or kissing is food!!  Or maybe hot showers.

the smile and intelligence are far sexier than a long penis or a big wallet.

I have far more erotic dreams about women than I do about men, strange how that works.  I can also far more easily orgasm in dreams than in waking life, it is true the mind is the biggest sex organ.

when I was a teenager I had numerous diary entries on how disgusting I thought oral sex would be, little did I know how much I would enjoy being a skilled fellatrix.  The power!

I’m glad I was a virgin til the age of twenty, it gave me a sense that I was undertaking the sexual journey for myself not to please someone else. 

I miss the pre-sex foreplay and lusting after someone you cannot have, ** sigh **

I also miss the best lover I ever had, not just for the sex but for the mental foreplay, the creativity and the freedom I had to be myself around him.

I’m contemplating a cheeky tattoo on my bum just so I grin more whilst pretending to be modest.  Facades are fun.

my next photo idea is to cover myself in kaolin clay, adorn my sensuous lips with red and have someone artistic and trusted to take photos of me posed like a statue.  I yearn to see myself as artwork