More erotic songs …

I am in a very physical mood, I just have to be moving, to be dancing and lilting and the hip swaying to songs.  So, here are my picks of this cold, winter’s day to stay warm and inspired by.  First one is new, melancholic, haunting and a video clip that I adore.



It’s both sad and sweet, lingering and uplifting all at once.

Secondly, Marvin Gaye old man why did it take me soooo many years to work out you did this sexy little number (and no not Sexual Healing) I feel a bit like a bohemian 70’s chick listening to this. Better yet, it was a single the year I was born – good vintage one could say.

Thirdly, the sassy Etta James’ ‘I just wanna make love to you’ i identify with the sensual, feisty woman in the song (well ok, aside from the staying home and cooking like a good kept woman) who wants to take care of her man in all ways. The saxophone, the drums and the earthiness of the lust described and the notion of happiness moves me. Plus, whether most of us will admit it, a good sex life contributes more to our well being and mood than we would like to admit, especially when it’s with someone that matters.

There’s something about the naturalness of old era songs that grabs me, they’re lyrical and heartfelt. And when they want sexy, sensual times there’s no shyness about it, just a raw honesty that strikes me as missing in a lot of music today that is overthought, over stylised and remixed ad nauseum.


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