Yo bitches

Dave Chapelle is touring Australia, very, very awesome. Nothing like comedy to brighten up a dull existence.

I have survived the heat wave and moving, thus having no internet for two weeks but this news has me excited.

How is everyone else faring?


The wanderlust hits again

As most people do at the start of a new year, i’ve been reflecting upon the previous year and congratulating myself on becoming a student again.  I’ve also been strongly feeling the need to wander off again, thus my two major goals this year are to complete my Counselling Diploma hence becoming something I’ve dreamt of for years; and to learn Thai to at least an intermediate stage.

I have bookmarked Thailand on Trip Advisor for hmm the last five years and when I saw a boxing day sale I used my Christmas gift money towards buying return flights for a very, very inexpensive amount.  Hence, given my aptitude for language I’m determined to be able to read the signs, menus and converse in Thai whilst I am over there for my birthday this year.  Why be another tourist drone that expects everyone to know perfect English whilst making zero effort to immerse oneself in a unique culture.

I’ve already learned/memorised over 15 Thai consonants and vowels in the space of two days though getting the hang of a tonal language is a steep learning curve.  There is something beautiful about words though, the script used to the rolls and lilts of the tongue used to make certain sounds with or without air. 

As for how this relates to an erotica blog or poetry, well technically it doesn’t.  My point is though, the more you have a lust for life and travel the more it opens you up to everything else in your life, hopefully in an enriching manner.  I still believe the more multi faceted a person, the more passions you indulge the better lover you thus create or become.

One final desire is to muster the courage to do some stand up poetry, even just once to know I shared my words with my own tone and inflexions which is something nobody else can do.  Am I anxious beyond belief to do this, absolutely.  When I tout living bravely with an open heart though, I should set a good example!! 

I could always go in disguise I guess, with my plethora of hats/wigs the key may lie in becoming a performer rather than just little ole me. 

So that’s a little insight into me, I will definitely keep you updated should I find a stage to lull the audience with.