Belle Knox – I salute you.

The duality of porn consumers and female porn stars… and how slut shaming is still absolutely rampant.  What makes the viewer of porn less accountable and normal than the people, especially women who produce and star in them??  If you have the time read the link to well known website xojane for this open letter from a young student and porn performer who was outed by a fellow student on her campus in America.  It’s confronting, horrifying and real.

It also highlights why I will never, ever give out too many details or show my face, not because I am ashamed but because I have no desire for a lingering judgement against my ethics or potential employment.  And as long as there are those who make it a personal agenda for women who enjoy sex in all its forms to be blacklisted and discriminated against, I will protect my privacy and try to change attitudes.

And why is sex work still such a stigma that ‘we’ assign ethics and morals to human beings who choose this line of work as opposed to more ‘respectable’ professions.

So you like gangbangs or blowing five guys in a row, does that mean that somewhere, somehow you ask or deserve for comments like ‘you deserve to be raped’ or ‘slit your wrists’ or ‘trolls will will be trolls’… which insinuates that harassment in any form is inevitable, so why bother trying to address the issue.  It puts all the blame on the victim  rather than the aggressor or people who do the bullying.

Belle Knox, I openly wish you complete your degree, earn lots of money and keep feeling empowered by your work and sexual choices which you own and so eloquently describe in your post.