By the power of grey…. errr Palm Power!!

Can I preface a blog by the word ‘MMMMMM’ or will that vernacular make me seem a tad boorish? Never mind.

Over the years I have tried a number of toys all in the pursuit of knowledge of course….Intellectualism is key here dear readers. I believe I’ve mentioned my first foray was with a plain dildo in my late teens, that it most likely broke my hymen and made me less virginal, what can I say it’s not only teenage boys that crave physicality. At the time it suited me well, I didn’t want a boyfriend or to worry about pregnancy or sleeping around and it satisfied my yearning to be filled.

Anyway – I just have to devote this to my newest toy (courtesy of two generous giftcard tips) for the Palm Power – no it’s not a coconut oil, it’s a rather cute looking karaoke dildo. type. thing. Palm Power!!

As you know I like to research my sex toys erm body massagers rather thoroughly. I own a couple of Lelo products, and admit they are beautifully designed, long wearing and easy to use. I even bought a Lelo Medium Wand which is just visually gorgeous. The issue is that it lacks punch, it lacks the voltage to tease my pink bits to bliss. It is waterproof, easy to charge and has a fine range of functions, but it gets me to the edge and then just undulates, and undulates and undulates. A woman sometimes wants to be pushed out of her safe zone. If it were a man, I’d say he was kind, considerate and letting me ride him on top but lacked the machismo to grab my wrists, pin me down and have his determined way with me.

I like control, but I also love the element of shock.

So I ventured online and selected the Palm Power, puns aside it’s small and very not intimidating looking. I mocked the reviews which said it was pretty darn powerful and said internally ‘We shall see… mwahahhaha’ like a femme fatale. This baby may I just say, has chuckled it’s pink little silicone head off at me. It is that good

Funnily enough, I had it delivered by courier who knocked whilst I was naked on cam. After a quick costume change and door answering I was amazed how petite and non threatening it looked. Literally, like a cute pink microphone.
I ran my fingers over it’s surface and thought it was attractive, cute but definitely not a orgasm contender.

Best mistake ever

So I plugged it in, and revved it up and thought ‘hmmm is that a plane in my bedroom?’ and chuckled. The chuckling soon stopped as I probed and pressed it against tender flesh, finding it was indeed a powerful little fucker. In less than five minutes I was edging on cam in front of an audience who kept remarking that I was silent and unable to talk for once. I ended up turning it off amused and bewildered. For a lady that likes her control, this was pushing me too much too quickly.

Having a clit hood piercing means that toys are often risky business, they can catch on the metal and get ruined or pull or grate on your skin, leaving you immune to injury or broken toys too easily. And sometimes you don’t want to plan all your orgasms, and when aroused they are impossible to remove slippery jewellery, so you end up wanting three hands to juggle toys, fragile clits and holding the piercing at arms length at just the right angle. This little beauty because of a wider, rounded surface means I no longer have to remove my piercing at all, it just hums and vibrates and works that little mofo over until it sings with joy.

They should really be thanking me for the endorsement, but it’s that surprising I had to write about it. Sex like most things is good when mixed up, masturbation when it’s your only sexual outlet as a highly sexual but picky woman is important. I’m still learning about my body and how to push my buttons psychologically and physically.

I’ve been able to cum quicker and more intensely in less time, with less weird angles and less effort. I look forward to having a lover use it on me sometime (when I have one!) to tease and please me as I think it could be very, very interesting to be pushed. If I had a criticism, it is loud, I’m nervous to crank it up lest my housemate comes to investigate the noise, and the cord makes it a little tricky to use or transport. The power is great, but it’s not portable and not waterproof. I guess as a woman you choose what you want most, and for me I need the firm touch. It’s like the Sensual Dominant of toys, it pretty much owns your cunt whether you like it or not.

So thank you Palm Power of Greyskull, you rock my world, and my ovaries.