Happy birthday bro x

Today is my brother’s 29th birthday. I wish he was still here to celebrate – but sadly he chose to end his life mid last week and is another sad statistic on male suicide and not asking for help when it was really necessary. I was close to him, and remember him with a lot of love and humour. He was very cheeky, very funny and unexpectedly sensitive at times. I’ll miss not seeing him very much, not seeing him grow and play games with him. I am glad our last time together was happy, we were reminiscing about childhood games, and playing reruns of Inspector Gadget – he was cool like that or maybe I influenced him that way ūüėČ

So, I implore those of you who suffer silently, do not. Talk to people, reach out and let the light in if only a little. You don’t ever need to feel isolated or alone.

As always – for those who know, thanks for the cards and love, you may not always know what to express, but it means a lot to me.

Much love,



Poems under moonlight

Cinnamon moon

I’m going to lay me down in

the opulent moonlight

transforming into a cinnamon glow

spice becoming lovely curves

spice becoming alluring

and the earth shall welcome my touch

like a lover

embracing me down to the roots

where my naked-heart-upon skin


Gold Mask

and the gold mask slips over her face

hinting at her sensuality

inviting you to peek

and lust

wanting you to peer deeper than skin

harder than desire

and the gold mask beckons you to her

not for man driven urge

not for pleasure incarnate

simply to see

the finery of soul

lingering in blue and gold