The drought has ended!!

Ok, you may have prematurely thought I was not celibate.  I mean the drought of writing poetry.  The words were there, but dormant and I didn’t feel the urge to express myself or lose myself in the nuances of syllables.

But – I’m back baby.  Oh yes, I am back.

The poem is inspired by someone who I find incredible, both for his beauty and his heart holding him back.  When you can have what you truly want, what truly moves you – why deny it, why run from it?  I can’t fathom why happiness for some is elusive, why you wouldn’t want the sunlight on your skin.  I also believe love is action, not silence and longing but unable to have an open heart.

The Ellypsis and the Sun
I lay my words at your feet
sublime in my supineness
softly, softly you need to tread with me
guard is down, its my heart you know
I care only for what you say at this moment
roll those syllables off your tongue lover
the words move
the words hurt
breathing in your feeble excuse after excuse
you had the morning sun
you had the gift to ease your troubled mind
and my words at your feet
were never enough